Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt

For some of the unfortunate, the presence of a heavy growth of hair on the body can be very disturbing. This applies to both men & woman and unwanted hair can pose a problem in various parts of the body. Although over a period of time, people have developed many systems to remove the unwanted hair, there are a few of those systems that assure complete success. No matter what means is used, the method of having hair removed is time consuming and sometimes very painful and brings a lot of distress to people mentally.

Laser hair removal is far better than other methods

The trouble with hair removal systems is that it is never a permanent solution and as it is the quality of hair, it just keeps growing back after regular period. Since it grows back, people have to use whatever method they have used so far to keep the fresh look all throughout the year. As few of the commonly applied means are painful and distressing, this means that people have to undergo this unpleasant activity regularly and hence is a cause for worry. In this matter too, as with many other things of life, it is technology that has provided this technological alternative. With the invention of the Laser hair removal system, people have at last got the means to look for to a more permanent solution and one that work best amongst all other systems created over time. The laser hair removing system is a short duration process and in about 8 to 10 sessions provides marvellous results that are a cut above all other means used. This method is undoubtedly the most used worldwide simply because it works very effectively and is not too expensive a procedure. However, the moment people hear of laser hair removal the first question that pops into their mind is Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Does Laser Hair Removal HurtAccording to studies conducted, the use of laser hair removal is a complete success for parts of the body such as shoulders, face, bikini line, forearms necks, legs, the etc. So, Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Of course, “Yes”, still, you should understand that in more than 80% cases, people can get the procedure done without the use of anaesthesia and the feeling is best described by many like a pin prick. It should be remembered that if you experience too much pain, the doctor can always apply a local anaesthetic to numb the hair under treatment and provide you a fair degree of relief.

The feeling is not pain & rather you can call it discomfort

From questioning people to find out “does laser hair removal hurt”, we have found that it’s not the right adjective to describe the feeling as “Hurt”, but rather the right word would be discomfort. There is no doubt a feeling of discomfort when undergoing laser hair removal and it varies from one person to another. Some people say it is similar to the feeling of a pin prick and also the feeling varies with the kind of hair on your body. If you are very apprehensive about the discomfort associated with the process, the best thing is to try it without any additive and then if you feel, the pain is much beyond your bearing, ask your doctor to use the kin numbing anaesthetic. Talk to your doctor in advance about your feelings and, the qualified person attending you, knows exactly how to handle the situation. It is a fact that too much anaesthetic should not be applied over a large area, as the numbing agent will get drawn into the blood stream giving rise to another discomfort, best is let the doctor handle the situation and trust that he knows best.

If you can get over the discomfort bit involved in laser hair removal, you can be definite of the superiority of this method and convinced of its superiority over all other methods in use. This method is the most popular because of its results and gives a hair free beauty for a fairly long time. If you have tried with waxing, then be informed, the feeling from laser hair removal is not worse but rather better than that. After waxing the sting on the skin lingers for quite a while, whereas in the case of laser hair removal, the sharp sting is gone almost after that hair has been removed from its follicle and hence much bearable.